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Synthetik 2 on Linux
In S2 - Feedback & Balance
Aug 10, 2021
Could always compile a second executable that's using a vulkan video back end, that would run better then anything that's using directx even through proton. Known Proton Issues Below are a few recommendations around areas that have been known to be Proton compatibility issues and likely to induce delays in Proton fully supporting a given title after it launches on Steam: .NET / WPF: our recommendation is to use standalone technologies like Qt for launchers instead of OS-dependent frameworks like .NET / WPF. For best results, skip separate launchers altogether and integrate their functionality into the game client UI instead, where controller support is likely better. Media Foundation: To save additional bandwidth and disk use, we recommend using standalone codecs like VP9 instead. Anti-cheat: We recommend using user-space anti-cheat components for best results, as they can typically run in the Wine environment and provide the same level of functionality. Kernel-space solutions are not currently supported and are not recommended. We have been working with most anti-cheat technology providers to provide Proton compatibility. If your solution currently isn't working, please reach out to both your vendor and Valve for support. Anti-tamper / DRM: In general we don't recommend use of such solutions across any PC platforms, for best disk usage and performance results. They are fully functional in the Wine environment once supported, but can add significant latency to supporting a new title. copied from Edit: another small block. Proton Compatibility and Performance Learn about common Proton compatibility issues here. This document also details how to use a Linux system as a proxy for a Deck developer kit to test Proton compatibility. We recommend targeting Vulkan as your primary graphics API for best performance and battery life. If you use an engine like Unity or Unreal, enable Vulkan in your build for all users, and report any performance or functional differences from the DirectX version to your engine vendor. Doing this work is not typically worth it if Vulkan would be a secondary path with lower performance, as Proton DirectX translation performance is likely to exceed untranslated Vulkan in this case. copied from: Well, if you ever do decide to go that way.


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