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Apr 22, 2021
In S2 - Feedback & Balance
As i said in a comment before, i hope we do get more classes and even tho we have an option here in this site to "vote" for that, i thought we could simply aside from that put ideas in here for those classes, since it could be pretty difficult to make a class that the players enjoy without info on what they enjoy. In my case I've played Synth1 a lot, and i enjoy it way more than i should probably. But I'd like if there could be a Gunslinger class per say, with its own passive items and perks focusing on pistols/small firearms. If anything I'd be happy with just more classes and variety in general. Love the devs btw, and Synth1 will always be in my heart. *Note: Do please pardon my English, it is not my native tongue and its possible that my writing at a times can get or are pretty bad.


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