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May 16, 2021
In S2 - Feedback & Balance
Hey, so we are starting to implement the new attachment system, It will work like this: 1. There exist a couple different attachment types: - Grip (Run and gun) - Stock (Recoil and control) - Trigger (Firerate, DPS) - Barrel (Range, Deviation) - Magazine/Drum (Reloading, Magsize) - Receiver (Mixed physical) - Chip (Mixed technology) All types have a pool of different attachments to choose from as you know from S1 but they always grant some of their main shtick and then some extra. So every Stock will always grant a baseline of recoil control plus something else as example. That way, you guarantee to make the weapon better in recoil control but still have the varied effects from the old system. There are also special ones in each category as before. 2. A weapon always has 3 predefined attachment type slots, which reinforce the role of the weapon: - Super 90 (accurate aiming shotgun) = Stock, Barrel, Receiver (Recoil control, deviation, range) - Spas12 (spammy shotgun) = Grip, Trigger, Magazine (Hipfire, Firerate, magsize) This branches the different weapons further out and fortifies the roles of the weapons while they get upgraded. So no longer do all weapons become the same "fast firing, good accurate, good damage" somewhen later with upgrades, but you will get a really accurate weapon with great range or very precise or hard hitting or fast firing + X. The upsides are that weapons will have more identity, even within their competitors, so you can have a very clearly more accurate ranged SMG and one more clearly hipfire style run and gun one instead of it all blending together in one similar mush. The other upside is that you get more variation in attachment choices on a weapon to weapon basis as chances are that they have a very different layout in their slot types. One thing I learned is that its very good and needed to have restrictions in slots, if you allow all attachment categories on all weapons like in many games, all the weapons within the class (like Assault rifles) become replaceable and only the one with the slightly better stats is supreme. The downside is that you no longer have general attachments that work on any weapon but we try to have a lot of variation covered within the different types, so you will have some firerate in a stock sometimes and that sort of thing, its not entirely locked, and there are of course other means to increase things such as items. The other downside is that this requires more total attachments to work well as each pool needs to have a bit of variation. Lastly, for the 4th slot, I am considering of adding a technology based Conversion Kit This conversion is supposed to offer a choice from a pool of technology based perks which should offer a twist on the core of the weapon. Made up Examples: Ballistic Soft - Increase firerate greatly, add a lot of deviation Ballistic Soft - Backside hits are guaranteed critical strikes Ballistic Soft - Splits the bullets into 2 projectiles with reduced damage Armor Piercing - Converts the weapon to a rapid fire twin shot Armor Piercing - Not firing for 2 seconds charges up a high damage shot Armor Piercing - Headshots deal 150% more damage, bodyshots deal less damage Laser - Staying above 50 heat for 5 seconds charges up criticals Etc For these I am currently searching for more ideas, if you have some good conversions post them here. Let me know what you think and your ideas!


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