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Improving the Downtimes of Synthetik 1 (cooldowns, hp regen, finding bolts)
In S2 - Feedback & Balance
Apr 15, 2021
Definitely a super big topic for Synthetik and def not something that can be "solved" in a single forum post so only a couple of thoughts of mine below. Keep in mind these things belong into finetuning and right now we are mostly busy working on core combat so these things may change. Punish players for taking too long in levels: I personally in this case strongly dislike mechanics that in some fashion "punish" players for waiting in between groups of enemies. Given the aleady rather steep learning curve of the game this style of balancing is very hard to do for each player skill level and very easy to feel bad for almost everybody. HP5: We don't like it. For most playing styles it is a super strong choice therefore devaluing alternatives so we are probably going to completely remove it as a thing or at least make it very rare. Healing should be achieved by using other mechanics, best case some that require skill in combat. Collectibles: We haven't made a decision yet on collectibles. The cool thing about collectibles is to reward players for paying extra attention on the environment WHILE doing the regular gameplay. Backtracking after cleaning the room defeats this purpose so my thoughts are to add a mechanic that cancels backtracking such as make them disapear after some time. Shops: Some shops will definitely move to the end of the levels or in mini levels in between, with the shops I kind of like the moments where I just don't have enough credits and walk through the level desperate to find some cash source to pay for the Weapon/Item whatever. Cooldowns: I'm most relaxed on this one, I think not everything should be stacks/charges based so having cooldowns in general I think is fine. They probably all should be equal or smaller than the time it takes to clear a group of bots. So if you really want to stand around for 5-10 seconds to be able to open with a particular ability I don't see big harm in it.


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