SYNTHETIK 2 Announcement FAQ

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Good morning, afternoon or evening everyone. Today we will be answering the most frequent questions we have been getting for our announcement of SYNTHETIK 2.

Keep in mind that while we mostly talk about things which are clear at this time, plans can always change.

Table of contents:

SYNTHETIK 2 release


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SYNTHETIK 2 release

When will the full launch be?

S2 will fully launch in 2022. We have a lot of plans for the early access period but a lot of things will be adjusted based on your feedback. Our goal is to provide the highest quality game possible prioritizing a fantastic gameplay experience above all else.

On what platforms will early access be available on?

Right now there are only plans for early access to be accessible through PC on Steam.

Will S2 be released on consoles?

We are primarily working on getting the PC release right. Once that is done we can consider a release on consoles, earliest date for this will be the full launch.

Will S2 have a hard copy release?

No plans for that at the moment.

What will the pricing be?

During early access the price will be 19.99 $/€. At full launch it will increase to reflect the added production value of the game.

Will there be a special edition?

As with the first game, we offer a bonus Supporter DLC for everyone wishing to support us further. Within the early access we do not offer any further bonus content as we are working on the core game at the moment.

Will S2 have a season pass format?

No and specially not during early access.

Will S2 have any add-ons at launch?

Larger expansions are interesting but if we were to have them it would be after the full launch.

Will there be an Alpha or Beta?

Yes! It's going to happen soon. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on twitter and join the discord to stay tuned.

Where can I contact support?

You can reach out to our email, post in the forums, let us know on twitter or through our discord.

S2 Gameplay and Content

Will S2 still be roguelite?

Yes! Though the outer game progression will be different and the levels are a bit more handcrafted as seen in S1.

What does S2 offer above S1?

There are many many points to talk about here, as such we will reveal more details in a future post!

How does the out-game progression look like?

For the classes, there will still be class levels, like in S1, but the item and module loadout will be swapped for different systems, one of them being the new specializations system.

In S1 development we toyed with talent-trees and thought about bringing them to S2 but have never been super enthusiastic about them and they have become a "AAA formula". In general they are good however we always favored a system that encourages players to experiment with different options and want to try something more fresh. We will soon reveal our new and innovative modular mainboard system that will replace the perk system from S1. Stay tuned!

How does the difficulty system look like?

This is still work in progress, we will reveal more of this later. Stay tuned.

Will S2 bring back the classes from S1 or will it have new classes?

S2 will bring a mix of new and revamped S1 classes; some of them are fresh takes on the ideas of classes from the first game, others are completely new altogether. We are excited for you to see them and to try out their new progression systems. It is not certain yet how many classes will be at EA launch, but we are trying to get around 4-5 including 2-3 of the new specializations for each class (more info about the new classes will come in a separate blog entry).

What is the design behind the S2 weapons?

The weapons in S2 are now no longer a random assortment of all kinds of different weapons but we are now having faction arsenals with common themes, gameplay fitting the faction traits, design language, technologies and more. For the machine factions we are doing more unique weapon designs, for the human weapons we are still using real life ones as a basis, although we try to take inspiration from more alternative designs (or non-adopted designs), like using a TKB-0111 instead of a standard AK-74 for example, as we feel like a large amount of games use the same weapons over and over (every game having a Bizon, an M16, AK74, etc).

SYNTHETIK 2 will try bring back many of the fan gameplay favorites over time but in a revamped visual design style.

Will S2 have new enemies?

Yes. Similar to the weapons, S1 used all kinds of enemies mixed together, but now we are fighting specialized factions/subfactions, starting with the Machine Military Forces and the Police Faction.

What are factions?

The new SYNTHETIK Universe is built around all the different factions within the world, human and machine, which all have their own lore, units, strengths, weaknesses, doctrines and technological arsenals. In S2 you play as part of the human defiance and (at EA launch) will encounter both the Machine Military and the Police with their respective sub-factions. Items, weapons and all sorts of things are no longer "generic" but are always affiliated with a certain faction.

Each sub-faction, while based heavily on the main faction, will have some different units, traits, weapons and specialties and you will always face one of them. Per example the Police Chrono Squad fields a couple of special teleporting and hover units which the other Police sub-factions don't have.

The player classes are based on stolen machine faction technologies, so they will inherit traits of their respective faction. For example, the Riotguard class would be based on the Police faction.

We are planning to add one more major machine faction within early access, but there will also be some human items and weapons sprinkled around. The human factions will be expanded in the future in our universe, S2 focuses mostly on the machine factions.

How will items and weapons drop now?

You will still find all sorts of varied faction gear from chests and shops but the chance of getting things from the faction you are fighting is significantly higher.

Will there be melee combat?

We now have enemies that wield dangerous melee weapons! We also like the idea and will likely try to make melee work in the future for the player.

Will S2 have dual wield weapons?

Yes! Some weapons will be in a dual wield configuration. To be clear, the weapon is always a dual wield weapon, not two random regular weapons.

Will there be a story mode in the game?

Similarly to the first game, the story will be told while playing the game. We try to add more flair and some voiced interactions which are told in a way that doesn't interrupt the core gameplay. We are also aiming to add flair text to all items and weapons for further world-building.

What is the SYNTHETIK Universe?

The SYNTHETIK Universe is a complete rebuilt design for varied games within the SYNTHETIK world with consistent lore, factions, gameplay ruleset and ideas. Many ideas of S1 remain but it is a strong refactoring given S1 was a very mixed bag of ideas and trying out as many things as possible. More info about it in a separate blog entry.